In relevant to our motive "Innovate create new cool features and products!", our employees learnt about Cloud Formation, System Operations, Architecting and Developing in the AWS training courses

• Cloud Formation

This training provided our team with a solid insight into automating a cloud infrastructure in an AWS environment in order to reduce costs, increase quality and increase flexibility. In addition to that, our team were guided to the actual know-how usage of the AWS Cloud Formation.

• System Operation

Our system administrators and developers, who participated, had the opportunity to learn the know-how of creating automated and repeatable deployments of networks and systems on the AWS platform, including industry-standard techniques.

• Architecting

This course gave the opportunity to develop the employees’ basic knowledge of the IT infrastructure on AWS. Subsequently, our employees will be able to successfully optimize their operations on the AWS cloud.

• Developing

In this training, our software developers learnt more about interacting with AWS.


Yet we are not done! We still offer our employees the never-ending opportunity to continue their education whenever required or desired.

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