Today ip.labs is part of the FUJIFILM Group and the leading photo service software provider. ip.labs offers the complete portfolio of photo service and Web-to-Print solutions for selling photo books greeting cards, prints, personalized photo gifts, including anywhere from business card to large format printing, and much more. Our platform enables photo service providers to fully realize their potential in the rapidly changing digital imaging business.

Our native applications support all major platforms and we especially pay a lot of attention to the latest mobile market developments by designing our application to its special requirements. Our Internet Photo System (IPS), in addition to covering the complete range of access platforms, provides an entire end-to-end infrastructure including a standardized flexible integration of fulfillment partners, payment providers, and a comprehensive Back Office and CRM solution for optimizing the controlling of our clients′ online business. We owe our success to the close cooperation with leading wholesale finishers and leading photo service providers including retailers, media companies, ISPs, and specialized photo service providers.

Our Mission

We believe it is a rewarding task empowering people to tell their stories and save their emotional moments.

This is why we dedicated ourselves to develop the most user-friendly photo product software that makes creation easy and fun for everyone.

Our Team

Our clear focus on digital imaging solutions has helped us to attract a team of leading software architects, software developers, designers and experienced industry experts all backed by a strong project management and experienced quality assurance professionals, whom provide constant innovation and cutting-edge photo service solutions.


Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get’ – Dale Carnegie.

Our ultimate vision is the success and the happiness of our customers, which means it’s our priority to deliver to our customers what they want and fulfill their satisfaction with what they receive. Our customers’ success is translated into our success, therefore by heavily investing in the most efficient dialogue between our stakeholders we can successfully provide them with a truly modern Internet Photo Systems (IPSs) that matches their level of success. Our driving motivation is to globally expand and become one of the world’s leads in the Internet Photo System Industry.

Sebastian Vögel
CEO / Managing Director

We are the voice of the customer, which means that we share the responsibility of the product’s success with our customers. Therefore, my team and I create the valued roadmaps for the customers’ products to successfully streamline the operations within the designed objectives and timeframe.r.

Peter Pletsch
Product Owner

Together we will persist excelling in achieving high productivity, providing the highest working standards and supporting the competences of our employees to fulfill our customers’ objectives.

Scrum Master

Managing our customers’ satisfaction to the outcome we present is our priority although it comes on an equal level of managing the currently running projects. Multitasking is part of our daily tasks as well as figuring out the possible upcoming problems before they even occur. That’s how we do it !

Project Manager

Our aim is to design our customers’ wishes into successful solutions taking in concern their point of views and creating the best out of it.

Lead Designer

ip.labs provide us great opportunities to accomplish new projects in order to extend our horizon and fulfil our designated tasks. As software developers, ip.labs offers us the chance to even implement our own ideas and design our own interactive tools during the annual productivity weeks that enhances our self-esteem and creativity spectrum, which reflects positively on our workflow throughout the year.

Software Developer