ip.labs is the leading photo service software provider offering a full service solution for Photo Service and Web-to-Print businesses for selling photo books, greeting cards, prints, personalized photo gifts, including anything from business cards to large format printing, and much more. Our platform enables photo service providers to fully realize their potential in the rapidly changing digital imaging business.

  • Founded 2003 in Bonn
  • More than 80 employees and hiring
  • 100 % subsidiary of FUJIFILM since 2008
  • Active on 5 Continents and over 30 Countries
Our Solution
  • Powerful editors
  • Cross Platform
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  • White label
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We understand
Your Challenges

Different devices
Lots of photo sources
Disruptive changes
Numerous distractions

We live in a high-tech world

Smartphones give us the ability to take photos at any time and any place. As a result, the number of photos taken with smartphones worldwide is increasing daily.

Photo service providers who have recognized this development as an opportunity to increase their sales face various challenges: Today's mass of images is stored on many different storage media (typically smartphones), which use different operating systems and a wide range of cloud services to store images. Merchants who have invested in photo service technologies must also be able to respond quickly to disruptive technological developments.

That's why photo service providers have one goal: to offer their customers flexible design options on any device and platform, while making it as easy as possible to access their own photos. Ideally, users should be offered the same intuitive user experience on all devices. We meet these requirements by using the latest state-of-the-art technologies.

Our Solutions
Address your challenges

Regardless whether you have your own production or use external fulfillment partners: Our complete and sophisticated e-commerce solution will connect you with your target groups.
Your target group
White Label

Our solution is


Everything out of the box

Our solution enables you to sell an unlimited variety of personalized photo and print products under your own brand. It covers all relevant aspects from frontend to backend, offers beautiful design theme content and includes hosting and support. On top, our solution integrates payment providers and production tools. This complete turnkey package supports all relevant platforms from Web to downloadable apps for desktop and mobile devices as well as operating systems (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android). Powerful editors, easy workflows and great technology make us leading photo service provider!

Frontend +
Backend +
Frontend + Workflows

User friendly Frontend, Workflows and Editors included

Users will be pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and ease of use of all our solutions. A truly unique user experience helps build loyalty and repeat business. Make it fun to design, order, store and share favorite photo product creations. Being able to start designing a photo product instantly without prior login or image upload is a huge benefit and users easily take to our solutions!

Using the Quick & Easy Photobook Wizard your customers can create a perfect ready-to-order photo book within just a few seconds. Even inexperienced users can achieve beautiful results with its simple and intuitional user interface. Later manual adjustments are fun and possible at any time. The consumer experience is highly intuitive and made as easy as can be. Having fun is one of the key factors for consumer loyalty.

Once created, the feature-rich Product Designer allows the user to make changes and improvements to the product: red-eye correction, cropping, rotation, and special effects are just some of the amazing functionalities our powerful editors offer.

Backend + Production

Administrations Tools

Our powerful Administration Tools offer all relevant features to steer and grow your business. The Back Office tool enables you to adjust text content as you please and have your solution translated into different languages. You will be able to integrate plugins and run testing campaigns to optimize usability. Add new products at any time and adjust pricing in real time with little effort - our solutions offer you vast flexibility!

Internet Production Gateway (IPG)

Internet Production Gateway (IPG) is our easy-to-setup and fully automated gateway for your production workflow that enables downloading of orders from our servers and processing them over single or multiple workstations. Its output (PDF or JPEG) can quickly be routed to the appropriate manufaturing queue. Integration into any workflow allows for higher capacity, reliability, speed and control.

Theme Content

Beautiful Themes

All our applications come with a broad lineup of highly sophisticated themes, backgrounds, cliparts and deco effects that will boost your sales! Integrate your own design resources into our solutions with our Theme Creation Client tool for an additional competitive advantage. Your customers will be able to easily create products for all occasions with a few simple clicks!

Hosting + Support


Our solutions are fully hosted on our high-performance server farms located around the globe ensuring availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - with guaranteed uptimes of at least 99,8%. This means no investments into hardware for you nor will you have to worry about system performance as your business grows and order volumes fluctuate.


We also provide you with the right support during project definition, setup and operation. A dedicated account manager experienced in setting up and running successful photo service and print businesses will act as your single point of contact for helping you grow your business.

FujiFilm Global Wholesale Fujifilmet

We connect you with our trusted and highly specialized solution partners. Be it external print services or suppliers for your photo business, simply rely on our experience to find the cooperation partner you need.

Retail Lab Support

Our digital minilabs and other retail photo solutions bring you beautiful prints using environmentally friendly technology. Fujifilm's exclusive Image Intelligence™ makes sure photos turn out the way you intended.
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Open Interfaces

A wide array of open interfaces enable you to flexibly adjust our solutions to your specific needs and business situation. Integrate specific plugins for specific workflows or product types you may additionally require or use our open SSO interface, which can seamlessly be integrated into your webshop. Customers will be able to use your photo service with their existing user accounts. The PhotoWeb offers APIs that make it possible to combine already existing shopping carts and checkout processes. Allow your customers to access their images stored on social media platforms or cloud services and to then share their photo creations directly via social media channels. Our solutions connect with other external image databases - a feature that is used e.g. by our client Disneyland Paris, and that is also appreciated by event and school photographers alike.

Our Solution is
Pure White Label


As a pure white label player we adapt our solution to your brand, look-and-feel, specific workflows and customization needs making our expertise look like yours. We give you all the tools and open interfaces to adapt our solutions to your specific needs and to run successful marketing campaigns across different platforms totally independently from ip.labs. You also benefit from a powerful CMS to customize the web frontend. You determine the configuration of our solution matching your business’ needs which empowers you to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Our Solution is
Cross Platform

Our successful Cross (X) Concept is the only solution on the market which provides the same intuitive user experience and the same strong features for Web, desktop and mobile apps on different operating systems. Powered by the same software core, it enables consumers to create their beautiful photo products across multiple platforms, setting no limits for users in time and place.

With our Cross solution your consumers can start designing their photo product on the train to work on an iPhone, continuing through lunch break via desktop and finishing it in the evening sitting on the couch using a tablet. The same intuitive user experience and the same strong features everytime! And afterwards, they are even able to give access to friends who can add more pictures on different devices running different operating systems like an Android phone.

The Cross Solution combines X-Web and downloadable X-Apps, which offers many advantages. Apps enable your consumers to work offline and give direct access to their pictures located on the device. This leads to higher loyalty and conversion. Additionally, apps increase your marketing effect by your presence on App Store or Google Play Store.

For you as a business our Cross solution offers the unique advantage of one single backoffice from which to manage, edit and change your entire range of products on all platforms. Adjust prices, add features, implement marketing campaigns with just a few clicks. This offers you more control and overview and shortens the time to market considerably. No more boundaries - maximum flexibility!

Web & Apps

Same Strong Features

Cross Platform Cloud Support

Easy to Use & Powerful

Efficient and Cost Effective

Faster Time to Market

Our Solution is
Quick, Easy & Powerful

No other frontend solution (Web & Apps) on the market offers a comparable ease-of-use and time-saving functionality. The consumer experience is highly intuitive and made easy as can be based on extensive usability tests. This guarantees high conversion rates and customer loyalty for your business!

With our plugin-free (no Java, no Flash) HTML5 based online solution and our downloadable apps for desktop and mobile devices consumers can immediately access their photos from the different sources (local device or cloud storage such as Facebook etc.) and start creating their photo products right away without having to upload images or needing to log in first. The Quick & Easy Wizard for photobooks and other products guides the users through the creation of their product and automatically creates a professionally designed proposal using the personal photos within a few seconds. The consumer can then decide to order the product instantly or to enhance it further with the powerful editor.

No preupload needed

Usability is key

Faster uploads

Proposals in the moment of emotion

Our Solution provides
Constant Innovation

A cooperation with ip.labs offers you strategic advantages and constant innovation. We are your life insurance for years to come and present you with a sustainable competitive advantage thanks to our development efforts that are now going into the same core. This means new features can be developped for all platforms at the same time and you will get those at no additional cost! Working on one core only results in less cost and a faster time to market! Product configurations for all platforms can be done in one single step which reduces initial setup and maintenance efforts! We guarantee you won't miss out on the next big thing (e.g. SmartTVs etc.) and will be able to respond to new market trends - stay ahead of your competitors with ip.labs!

Our Business Model

Our business model: No investment, optimized cash flow, for concrete pricing contact us
Target groups: Our solutions are designed for multiple segments, target groups

Whether manufacturing companies, retailers or resellers. You decide which service you book with us! From the online shop system (frontend), online editors of all categories, through the payment and shipping (checkout) to the production of your products.
On request ip.labs can cover the entire workflow of your Photo Business! Ask for your free Demo Photo Business today!

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