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Sleek &

Of course, ip.labs offers a solution for
Mac lovers. Our native client for
OSX adapts the philosophy of
simple-yet-beautiful user interfaces
that the Mac became famous for.

PhotoGenie Macintosh
Uniquely & Natively Mac

PhotoGenie OS X is an outstanding, full-featured, and 100% native Objective C / Cocoa Mac OS X desktop application with seamless iPhoto integration. Product portfolio, power, and functional technologies match our Windows desktop software while usability and design is “living” the spirit of a real Mac OS X application. The first Universal Binary in the photo service market was delivered by ip.labs.

Image selection, photo gift editing as well as the ordering process is entirely adapted to the usability requirements of the Mac user. We use the latest Apple technologies to make this possible. The product portfolio can, of course, be freely defined just like as the PhotoGenie Windows application. As a native Mac OS X application, PhotoGenie OS X fulfills all photo service needs in the way your Mac customers are used to.