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PhotoGenie (for Windows or Mac), PhotoWeb (for all major browsers), and PhotoGenie Touch (for tablets and smartphones) offer unparalleled feature-rich functionality across virtually all platforms and operating systems. They are powered by our reliable server infrastructure and are accessible anywhere at any time over the internet.

HTML5 is the latest cutting-edge technology that is used to provide a potent, seamless, and fully integrated solution for your web shop.

Windows is the most popular operating system and PhotoGenie for Windows is our most distributed
application. We are ready for the next step: Windows 8.

OS X is natively supported by our PhotoGenie Mac application.

iPhone / iPad are currently the top-selling mobile and touch devices on the market. Our PhotoGenie Touch for iPad is along for the ride.

Android is supported by a large variety of well-known smartphone and tablet manufacturers. Our PhotoGenie Touch for Android keeps pace with this platform.