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Our success story continues! Thus,
we at ip.labs are looking for new and dedicated team members for
our office in Bonn, Germany.

Entry Into

Soon after you begin, we trust you to take over the responsibility for a specific project area. In the beginning this is new. But have no worries - your colleagues are available to help in any problems you have with the project. Within the first few weeks, your team leader can answer any organizational or technical questions that may arise.

Will ip.labs help me look for an apartment? Once you have received a job offer and are looking for an apartment in Bonn, we can assist you further with that and other relocation issues.

Graduate study thesis: We have an available list of challenging topics for students interested in writing their thesis (Bachelor's degree, Master's degree or German Diplomarbeit) in the area of software development. Once we have received your complete application, we would be happy to discuss those topics with you. Show us that you can put your theoretical knowledge to work on a practical problem. Naturally, we will aid you in answering technical and personal questions. In return you will receive feedback from our experts, technical equipment for your work and a salary.

Internships: An internship at ip.labs is like no other; you will not get the typical tasks that an intern normally does. You will work for several weeks or months as a full team member on a specific software project. During your internship you will familiarize yourself with our internal operations and working procedures. During this time you will be chaperoned by a team member. Once you have finished your internship, you will receive detailed feedback and a certificate.