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More Capabilities

Sales & Marketing / Promotion / Analytics
We understand that keeping your customers informed of your services and offers are keys to success. With an online system, the advantages of internet marketing are unleashed. Our back office allows you to target your advertising to specialized consumer groups.
Keep existing or prospective customers informed on a regular basis of the latest developments via email with the easy to set up newsletter. The gift cards and vouchers options are also very popular promotional tools that provide high customer satisfaction.
Tracker support and statistics are specifically tailored for your marketing analytics and advertising campaigns, giving you the ability to perform easy yet powerful and in-depth analysis of multiple ongoing business functions across the board.
Get the big picture and make your business decisions based on real-time information and statistics.

Web-to-Print & Variable Data for Mass Customization
Building upon our experience as a leader in the online photo business, our fully automated web-to-print solution offers B2B and B2C expansion opportunities supporting all kinds of printed products from business cards all the way to large format printing. Your web-to-print shop will become a new source of profit.
By supporting PDF and the CMYK color model, we offer an interface for professional third-party desktop publishing applications. Creating and using design templates is easy and intuitive with the integrated template editor.

IPG Production Gateway
IPG is our easy to set up and fully automated gateway for your production workflow by downloading orders from our servers and processing them over single or multiple workstations. Its output (PDF or JPEG) and integration into any workflow allows for higher capacity, reliability, speed, and control.
It supports PDF & JPEG printers such as: HP Indigo, Xerox iGen, Fujifilm Frontier Minilab, Fujifilm Jet Press

Payment & Logistics Management